Do you enjoy BBQ? Do you like your instagram feed? Do you like taking pictures, but you feel that your feed isn't as good as it could be?

You might think that you need a new expensive camera, light and other gear to get a great photo. I am glad you are reading this now, because I will tell you that you need none of it!

it's always a plus to have a great camera, it's great to have all the gear, but in reality I barely use any during my work. I only used my camera.

So what is, then?

You might ask

A reflector! 5 -in-1 kind of reflector.

I use a reflector. A lot. Silver side especially. I find it extremely useful to lift shadows and to get some glowing onto the subject. It allows the rays that you are catching with it to bounce off of it and light up the hood of the kamado for example.

I use the diffuser part, it's very useful when you are dealing with too much light and you want to soften the light. Softening means that you get the light of the sun, pass it through the diffuser and make it less direct. Just like clouds do it.

I rarely use golden one, only if I know what kind of picture I am looking to make and goden tones are prevalent in it.

So in reality, when the shoot is not so complex, all you need a your camera (phone camera), good light and maybe a reflector.

With experience, you will come to the same conclusion, that it's not the gear that matters, but your sense of composition.

Perfect example of golden reflector use

Without reflector

As you can see in the pictures above, I used my crop sensor camera, show straight above and had a reflector with the golden side to reflect light onto it.

Not only it got rid of those deep shadows, it also illuminated it in a way that it appears to be lit.

Here is how I did it:

Light scheme for the mussel shoot

That's a wrap on my first blog post

Thank you for reading thus far (although it wasn't that long)

I hope that you found something interesting here for you and useful. But do let me know if you want to read about something else, or if you want me to dive deeper into some other topics. For now, below you will find some link to the gear I mentioned above. Get in touch if you have more question. My FB and IG are linked here and I am just a click away.

Some links for you and of my gear:

Reflector 5-in-1 Round

Reflector 5-in-1 Rectangle

My Camera Canon 90D

My current camera Canon R

None of the link are affiliated and here only to give you an idea of what I have talked above. Do browse more, if you want. But do remember, the best camera for you is the one you hold in your hands!

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